What are the benefits of
HTML5 development?

PSD to HTML conversion

We can help you convert any creative web design files and transform them into clean, hand-coded, SEO friendly, interactive responsive HTML website. We focus on delivering best quality PSD to HTML conversion that has been thoroughly tested on all browsers and devices, passed standard validations, cleanly coded but most importantly with unique and highly personalized style. We can either build your website from the ground up or opt to find the creative design concept that better reflects your ideas. We'll choose among a curated selection of groovy and awesome templates.

Optimizing website loading speed

Search Engines give credit to fast loading web pages and dump the ones that take ages to load. We use tools like GTMetrix and Google Webmaster tools to ensure that page loading speed is minimum that eventually results in low bounce rate. We will optimize the images, JS and overall code that helps in minimizing the web page loading time so that search engine promote them higher in the organic search listings. Ensuring that the responsive website structure is perfect and the website works nicely on all devices is another crucial factor these days for better SEO rankings and robots prefer responsive html web pages more than others.

No restrictions on multimedia integration.

The video that you integrate into your HTML5 page can be accessed on any browser or platform. Older programming languages considered videos and other multimedia elements as a “black box”, which meant that they would appear as a black box if the user did not have the necessary plug-in or application. Instead, HTML5 allows for easy multimedia integration by eliminating the need for proprietary players and making video and audio presentations searchable in the browser. As such, you can create dynamic and interactive content that features multimedia presentations, thereby boosting the engagement of your audience and offering them a more comprehensive experience.

Key features

  • Cleaner code

  • Mobile responsiveness

  • SEO optimized

  • Built-in multimedia

  • Awesome templates

  • Offline caching

  • Awesome frameworks

  • Full customization


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